TRU HM FULL Application

*NON Credit Based /Stated Income*

Step 1:  Fill out our Quick-Loan application and provide your, property, income, and contact information.

Step 2:  Once you have completed the application click submit and it will be reviewed by one of our staff and you will be given a determination in 24-48 hours.

Step 3:  Upon approval, you will sign and send back our loan disclosure packet, we will contact you with the phone number or email you provided and send out an LOI (Letter of Intent or Pre-Approval).

Step 4:   After all DOC's are signed and returned, we send you a Preliminary Approval and Letter of Intent (LOI), before we process your loan.  

Step 5:   Once docs and funds are collected, appraisal is ordered and in about 10-14 days we can fund your loan.

The Application Process:   * NO Minimum Credit Score*
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First Name

Last Name

Prop. Address

City                                            State                     Zip

Phone Number

Email Address

After Repaired Value

"As-Is" Value

Monthly Income  $                     # of Rehabs Completed

Estimated FICO Credit Score

Loan Type 

Are you a borrower or a broker

What is the loan for

What is your investment strategy

Is this a purchase or refinance


Get on board with a winning team, fill out the application on the right and get started making a difference in your Financial Future Today!!!

*This is a pre-approval to determine eligibility and is not the complete process.

A LOI is issued and once the stipulations are met we order appraisal and title.

  Once you're approved, & pay the processing fee below, We can normally underwrite & close within 10-14 
"Business" Days.
We Lend Nationwide
*50K Min Loan Amt.*